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The "crus" come from individual production areas and, like grapes, are the product of a particular climate and sunshine in a particular region and have their own individual characteristics and distinctive flavours. They are the most immediate and "wild" expression of the cocoa bean. The raw material arrives pure, the aroma has a bite of strength and the acidity of the flavour is intense, giving way to a clean, fresh after-taste. The crus come from individual plantations: Venezuela and Madagascar provide a "trinitario" whose genetic make-up contains more that 85% of "criollo", the ancient cocoa bean of the Maya. Trinidad, Ecuador, Jamaica and Grenada produce a very highquality "trinitario" used exclusively by Amedei. These crus represent the genetic diversity of cocoa beans which exist today, starting from the beans which best exemplify the characteristics of each type of tree, selected and cultivated along precise lines by the producers in the countries of origin. Amedei’s I Cru chocolates are a journey tracing the tracks of cocoa’s oldest varieties, grown on individual plantations and crafted according to the customs of their lands of origin. This captures their wildest essences for a taste experience forging new frontiers. Ecuador: Aromas: Toasted cacao, aroma of forest freshness, wood bark and brambles, green tea, strawberry tree honey, exotic fruits (avocado, papaya, mango), ground pistachio. Taste: Decisive snap, surprises the palate with a sequence of flavours reminiscent of: green tea to pistachio, almond sauce and the fruits already present in the aroma. It closes with a light note of young celery. Technical information: The recipe of excellence. The purest cocoa, sugar cane, the best milk, fruit and natural flavours, masterfully and patiently combined, without any additives like soy lecithin or colouring agents. This is the secret of exceptional chocolate, chocolate like no other that will invite you into a total experience. Here is an encounter with fine confectionery and the deep pleasure of a single bite that you’ll never forget. And, we have no doubt, this will be an experience you will want to repeat. Dark chocolate 70% Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla. Cocoa min. 70%. May contain traces of hazelnut, almond, pistachio, walnut, milk. Storage conditions: keep in a dry and cool place, max 18°C (64°F). Taste at room temperature
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