Distilleria Domenis 1898

Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia


1898: Using a secret and ancient production method, Domenis started distilling different raw materials: pomace, also black pomace and fruit. The resulting grappa was already then commonly called “storica [historic]” for its superior and particular aromatic characteristics that differentiated it from all other spirits of the period.
The Domenis family then settled in Cividale del Friuli. The grandfather Pietro Domenis founded the distillery that began distributing its products in Friuli.

1951 – 1984 : The Domenis products, going beyond the boundaries of local regional consumption, gradually began to assert themselves in the domestic market. After the war and during the years of economic development Italy’s cultural changes shifted the axis of perception of grappa, from a craft product to a refined spirit of dignity equal to many and more well-known foreign products.
The Domenis distillation method improved due to large investments in the production plant. The company’s know-how was patented; the still plant, made entirely of copper, and the discontinuous method with low-pressure direct steam defined the quality recognition of a company with increasing expansion in the market.
State law 1559/51 codified the “grappa” designation. Now this name can only be granted to spirits made from grape pomace, with the specific exclusion of spirits directly derived from the grape itself.

1986: Storica [the brand “Historic”] was born. The perfect combination of alcohol and composition of aromas made this young grappa an instant hit, allowing Domenis to establish itself as a recognised leader in the market of high-end spirits.
Domenis continued its work of improving the distillation technique. The first prototypes of Acquavite [grape spirit] were developed, and these have been recently re-approved by the spirits market.

1989: The European Council established the rules which limit the use of the name “grappa” only to grape pomace distillates produced in Italy. Silvano Domenis actively participated in the drafting of the document in his role as President of the Consorzio Tutela Grappa Friulana which was founded in 1975.

1998: Domenis celebrated its first 100 years of distilling activities.
Storica Nera [the brand “Historic Black”], the spearhead of the company, was launched. Domenis pushed its art to the extreme, creating Secolo [brand “Century”], a grappa of 60° strength. A tribute to the founder, Peter, and a challenge successfully won – to create a harmonious and elegant spirit, refined and at the same time soft and velvety.

1999: Domennis launched its organic line. Domenis responded to consumers’ desire for products made with organic ingredients by selecting only certified pomace suppliers. Domenis also launched its kosher products, made according to the ancient rules of the Jewish religion.
Italians started attributing importance to the question of healthy and sustainable life style. The demand for products made from organically grown ingredients increased and pushed the market to re-position part of its supply orientation.
Domenis also began to use pomace from organically grown grapes to make their grappa.

2016:  marks the beginning of a new course for the historic DOMENIS® brand and for the prestigious distillery in Cividale del Friuli, once again re-launching itself on the high-quality spirits market under the brand “DOMENIS1898 srl”.
A new course in the wake of continuity and tradition, to preserve and enhance the heritage of wisdom and culture embedded in the centuries-old Domenis distilling family, but with an eye to the future – new products, new markets, new challenges.

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