Kuenhof - Peter Pliger

Region: Trentino-Alto Adige/Sudtirol

Our History

Winegrowing has had a long tradition at Kuenhof. For many years, the grapes were processed for the owners’ own consumption. Later, they were sold to the Stiftkellerei Neustift. In 1988, a bottle of wine, intended for own consumption, got to Karl Mair, owner of the renowned Restaurant Pretzhof. The wine connoisseur was immediately impressed by the quality of the product and encouraged us to found our own business. In 1990 we took our chance and started producing wine for commercial exploitation. With the help of Ignaz Niedrist, winegrower, we started our first large-scale production. During the first years Ignaz helped us with his advices and assistance. For this reason, Peter being a learned carpenter and Brigitte being a learned saleswoman, became winegrowers.

We transmitted the love for nature to our three children: Katrin, Hanna and Simon. Simon, the youngest one, discovered his passion for wine during his electrician’s apprenticeship. He completed a formation as a wine-technician in Weinsberg, Germany. We are learning with and from each other. In the tradition of a family business we are keen on making every decision together and passing our accumulated knowledge and wine-philosophy to the next generation.

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