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We have been cultivating and producing organic food since 1978

We are organic farmers, beekeepers and processors who have been striving to produce good food that provides the right nourishment since the 1970s, food that is the result of farming practices that respect the earth and its natural fertility. There are more than 1,000 of us within Italy and 14,000 worldwide.

We have taken the organic route for more than thirty years: we’re dedicated to producing food that comes from fields that are free of chemicals and pesticides. Those fields are kept and cultivated every day with respect. Our agricultural style is a blend of skilful methods that are in keeping with the seasons, combined with the joy felt from a flourishing harvest. However, the process also involves a great deal of hard work and waiting, often for long periods of time.

Ours is an agricultural style based on unaltered traditions and innovation; a balance between new technologies, experimentation with recipes and ingredients, and the strict regulations that genuine organic produce requires. This is because we feel the weight of responsibility involved in making food for others, food which, for us, represents a relationship; a relationship between the people who produce the food and, first and foremost, the people who eat it.

The company’s journey is an incredible one that is always headed in the direction of healthy nutrition, which gives and requires trust from our customers.

The production of good food is also a form of culture: cultivating fields in the countryside and telling its story at the same time in order to learn to respect it and protect it as a precious resource. It involves processing the fruits of our labour carefully and sustainably so we can make products which bespeak the land on which they’re grown, of the hands that protected them and harvested them, of the people who processed and prepared them. They speak of our mission to give the farmer the right remuneration whereby a fair redistribution of value is ensured.

Our organic products, of which there are nearly three hundred, are simple and everyday foodstuffs: pasta, rice, tomato pulp and sauces, vegetables, legumes and puréed soups, biscuits and fruit juice, fruit preserves and honey, as well as vegetable drinks and a baby-food line which is entirely dedicated to the early childhood years. These are products that have not lost their flavour. They always convey pleasure of coming together around the same table and sharing the fruits of the earth.

The products which are grown and processed in Italy, as well as our fair-trade organic products — delicious foodstuffs that come from our Latin American producing partners — include coffee and tea, chocolate and cocoa, cane sugar and Basmati rice.

Organic products, every single one, all of which provide the right kind of nourishment.

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