Chuao 70% Dark Chocolate 50 gr Amedei

AMED 5352

" It has been a great achievement to succeed in taming a pure cacao, in balancing acidity and volatile aromas, striking at sharp corners until the production of a chocolate becomes the translation of a seed from Chuao in a persistent pleasure." Cecilia Tessieri From the peninsula of Chuao, a semi-natural Venezuelan Eden, the Spanish galleons transported to their mother country the precious seeds of the cocoa which is produced in this plantation overlooking the ocean. All cargo was an exclusive benefit of the royal pantries and confectioneries. Since then these seeds have been utilized to aromatize the most important chocolates. Since Amedei has the worldwide exclusive right, for the first time it is possible to taste it in its purity. In Chuao the prevalence of its aroma is prune and red fruits, the potency of its taste and the acidity leaves space to a long, and very clean end.

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