Chianti Geografico

Region: Tuscany

‘United Winegrowers of Chianti Geografico’ , sounds more like a cry for vengeance by true defenders of Chianti against other Tuscan winegrowers who had stolen the name.

In 1961, when the name Chianti was being most overused, 17 winegrowers established a new association with the declared intention of enhancing the reputation of real Chianti wine, as clearly delineated on maps of Tuscany, their homeland, Chianti Geografico (the geographical area of Chianti).

This was the spirit that defined the new organisation. It is essential to know a little of our history to be able to understand what we have become today. The word ‘cooperative’ can mislead. The founder members of 1961 had a precise objective, to create a union with the resources and facilities to guarantee improvement in quality for each member, but at the same time retaining control over production, label and individual identity.

The winegrowers that participated in this collaborative project could hardly have imagined that a few decades later their dream would have become a cooperative, a company, a family group with 200 partners. This exponential growth has demanded not only an improvement in the product, but the creation of a brand promoting a clear image and supported by modern communications and marketing strategies – these are the focus and goals of Chianti Geografico today. Ongoing investment, research and analysis are carried out by everyone involved in order to guarantee a product of highest quality and a true expression of terroir.

We call our philosophy the ‘Chianti Geografico Method’, or the @Chianti Geografico Way’ - we are not just a cooperative, a commercial operation, a place of employment Chianti Geografico is our family, our way of life. This way of working is our means to achieving our end goal, high quality wines.

The Chianti Geografico Way is nothing new for us, it is part of our DNA. It comes from the founder members, the original farmers that developed our way of working as a way of expressing their ties to their land.

In order to achieve the highest quality levels, each winegrower is supported by comprehensive, expert assistance and guidance, from planting and vineyard maintenance through every stage of production to marketing.

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