Port Ellen Distillery

Region: Scotland

Port Ellen was established on Islay in 1825. Though it developed into a major distillery, it has experienced long periods of closure, the first from the 1930s until the rebuilt distillery re-opened in 1967 to meet a growth in demand for Islay single malt whiskies.

When the distillery closed for a second time in 1983 it had been in production for just sixteen years, so there was as yet no knowledge of how well Port Ellen would age. Quite simply, no-one knew how wonderful the whisky would turn out to be... until mature releases in the 1990s pointed the way. With stocks diminishing Port Ellen is judged to be among the finest and rarest of the Single Malt Scotch Whiskies being released. This is one whisky that seemingly just gets better and better with age.


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