Paolo Leo

Region: Puglia


Paolo Leo, born in 1960, was born into a family where producing wine was an inevitable legacy; in the early 20th century, the forefather began to vinify his grapes in the Monticello Masseria, then his son Paolo Leo inherited the land and built the palmento (the first stone building used to produce wine) in the village.

Today he is still an heir, the namesake Paolo Leo, son of Nicola, to lead the new winery, together with his wife Roberta and his eldest sons Nicola and Stefano, who are paving the way for the younger brothers Francesco and Alessandro.

The family is proud of all the awards they received but, as Paolo reminds:

"Our primary relationship is with the land and with our customers. We proved that in Puglia there was the possibility of producing high-quality wines, internationally recognized, which could show elegance and finesse while maintaining the original character."

Cantine Paololeo is a family-run business, but it is supported by faithful collaborators: this internal structure makes it possible a total sharing of the work.

Our rich assortment includes wines in which the young winemaker Nicola Leo expresses all his passion. They are real creations with which his adventure began; wines that reflect his passion, his tastes, his philosophy and that highlight the fabulous potential of the vineyards located in the heart of the Negroamaro Park.

"Wine must excite and satisfy, it is the result of the merger of soil, vine, climate and man. This combination, which apparently resembles a mathematical formula, is called into question every day, only the respect for nature and a passion for noble work allow us to obtain the same result every time "(Nicola Leo).

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