Santa Margherita

Region: Veneto

Santa Margherita incorporates three of Italy s most important premium wine production areas: the Eastern Veneto, the valley of the River Adige and the hills between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano. All of these zones boast specific characteristics that render them unique and - thanks to the complex composition of their soils and their different climates - enable our wineries there to produce wines of outstanding quality. Let us start with the Eastern Veneto. This area on the border with Friuli has always produced cereal crops and grapes. First it was under the rule of the Romans, and later of the Republic of Venice, which produced here those wines that it then loaded onto its ships and galleys. The climate is affected by the proximity of the Adriatic Sea; there are no sharp changes in temperature between the seasons. The soils are clayey, of medium texture. They are rich in mineral salts and well fertilized. Agriculture in the Adige Valley is of high quality. From a morphological point of view, above the gorge of Ceraino, on the border with the Province of Verona, one finds in the Province of Trento wide valleys, with gravelly soil, rich in minerals and historically made fertile by floodwaters from the Adige. A little further north, in the Province of Bolzano, the territory is "more closed", hemmed in by steep slopes and narrow valleys. Here agriculture sometimes even becomes "heroic and the wines that come from this area  owing to the composition of the soils and the marked differences between day- and nighttime temperatures - are characterized by freshness and very rich fragrances. Conegliano-Valdobbiadene is the region of gentle hills that produce the Italian wine with the widest distribution around the world: Prosecco. The soil is rich in micro-elements, the climate displays evident variation in temperature, the area is pre-Alpine and still mainly unspoiled, and there is a single grape variety. Since its foundation, Santa Margherita has operated in these areas: the Eastern Veneto, the Adige Valley and Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, the heartlands of our wineries.

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