Villa Massa

Region: Campania


Signature Limoncello since 1890

Villa Massa was the first company to produce, market and sell limoncello both within Italy and abroad. We have a long history built on family traditions that have been handed down for over a century: we began producing artisanal Sorrento Limoncello in 1890 and, 100 years later, in 1991, Sergio and Stefano Massa founded Villa Massa to share the excellence of Sorrento liqueurs with the world.

hanks to our in-house production of Sorrento PGI Lemons, an ancient recipe, a modern and efficient factory and a cutting-edge corporate organisation, Villa Massa is now the top producer and marketer of limoncello, with a wide area of distribution spanning over 50 countries. Villa Massa is the industry’s leading brand, one of the biggest producers of liqueur in Europe and the first company to popularise real Sorrento limoncello around the world. Between 1991 and today, this outstanding quality has been acknowledged and recognised numerous times at international level.

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