Amaro d’Abruzzo Francesco Jannamico 1888

Region: Abruzzo

Francesco Iannamico Liquori, before being a company, is a family, committed for generations to preserve the ancient liqueur recipes of Villa Santa Maria.
A reality firmly anchored to the territory and to its origins, which has made the history of the Italian liqueur in Europe and in the world.

The production is artisanal, the methods: in substance, in the times and in the gestures, they are an expression of the local tradition, while using modern equipment. The place where the Iannamico liqueurs are produced is Villa Santa Maria, a small town nestled in the Abruzzo mountains, in a healthy environment, immersed in the "magic of a territory" that still preserves small and large historical, cultural and naturalistic treasures.

The Iannamico company has been producing the same liqueurs since 1888, when the Cavalier Francesco made the recipe for the Abruzzese Punch and perfected the production and his first elixirs, in synergy with his world, his country and his people. Even today the Iannamico family, finds new vitality and strength from its roots to safeguard the ancient flavors that give "spirit" to the liqueurs of Abruzzo.

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