Cantine Lunae Bosoni

Region: Liguria

LVNAE History

The name Lvnae is inspired by the town of Luni, an ancient Etruscan and Greek port, consecrated to the goddess Selene by the Greeks (Luna, for the Romans). The first Luna settlement was founded by the Romans in 177 B.C. Lvnae Bosoni wine production is rooted in the ancient history of this land and its peoples, the Etruscans, Greeks and Romans, from whom it has inherited a great winemaking tradition.

The Wines

Everylabel is born out of the desire to express and proclaim the properties and characters of traditional vines with respect for the terroir of the different cultivated areas. Our production philosophy is to understand and give voice to nature, the great wealth that our territory bestows on us, every day.

Product list

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