Region: Denmark

DropStop® is a registered trademark. DropStop® is the result of an invention by the Danish inventor, Brian Vang Jensen, made some years ago after an unfortunate event at a dinner party.

What makes a successful product? Three key criteria are vital: 

• Outstanding design 
• Ease of use 
• Actually solving a problem 

DropStop® successfully meets all three criteria. Beautiful to look at, simple to use and extremely functional, DropStop® has become a world-wide success, used in millions of wine bottles in more than 40 countries.

No more table cloth stains. Simply roll up DropStop®, insert it into the bottle and pour the wine without spilling a drop. Due to its flexible material, DropStop® fits in every bottle.

DropStop® - a unique invention that has become a must for those who enjoy wine.

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Drop Stop 2 piece pack

€ 4.00

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Drop Stop 5 pieces

€ 8.50

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