Bresca Dorada

Region: Sardegna

Bresca Dorada reflects the sincerity of its founders who have run it for thirty years.  The company started in 1986 and has grown continuously since then with full respect for the territory, for the gastronomic traditions, for the island ethics, and with the aim of bringing to people’s tables the authentic Sardinian spirit, genuine and tasty.

PRODUCTION: 1990 was the year that the firm started bottling that most appreciated of Sardinian liqueurs, myrtle liqueur, but the start of the Bresca Dorada story was different. It had the perfume of flowers and the flavour of honey. The 7 hectares of scented Mediterranean bush immediately seemed like an oasis, a scented paradise of surprising essences – the bees liked it, the founders of Bresca Dorada, Paolo Melis and Enrico Deiana, liked it.

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