Aceto Balsamico Gocce Italiane

Region: Emilia-Romagna

“Aceto Balsamico di Modena” is nowadays a common expression thanks to the popularity gained overtime by this typical Modenese speciality which refers to the old traditions of turning cooked grape must into an explosion of bittersweet flavours. The use of traditional techniques handed down from generations and of the four elements that nature offers (sun, air, water, soil) is the primordial secret to achieve the same perfect taste, smell and sight of our endless family tradition of handcraft balsamic vinegars .

Gocce Italiane has the aim of recovering this traditions and merge them into modern times, through an innovative, minimal design inspired by present stylish trends. Lines are sharp, colours are linked to the referred flavours, packaging is simple but accurate in details to launch again and again a handcraft and evergreen tradition.

In fact, Gocce Italiane represents the Modenese tradition with its Balsamic Vinegars transferred and aged in wood barrels but also innovation with the Balsamic Pearls - little drops of delight for eyes and palates.


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