"Giannina" Stainless Steel Coffee Maker 1 Cup Giannini

GIAN 3001010

Giannina "La Tradizione"

Giannina, the stainless steel coffee maker, original since 1968. A style and design icon that joins our daily life and makes great coffee since ever.

This product is the company’s cornerstone; Carlo Giannini, who designed each single part of it, taking personally care of each component and production process, has realized it in 1968.

Giannina still maintains an appealing design and a top quality performance.

  • Entirely made of mirror polished stainless steel
  • Original design since 1968
  • Fastening system by a simple handle rotation, which attaches directly to the lower part of the pot
  • Thanks to the included reduction filter, you can make two different quantities of coffee
  • Artisanal Made in Italy production
€ 79.00

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Category Coffee Maker Gat - Ilsa - Gemini - Cilio
Region Emilia-Romagna
Brand Giannini
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