Chocaviar Dark 75% - Bag 100 gr Venchi

VEN 105096 100

Chocaviar 75% is the King of Dark Chocolates: the smooth dark chocolate filling is made of the finest olive oils, then coated with a layer of 75% dark chocolate in turn covered with a 56% dark chocolate layer topped with 75% Chocaviar granella, the precious glossy microspheres of dark chocolate. Describing it is not enough, you need to taste it! 75% Chocaviar is milk and hazelnut-free and is very gratifying, both for the intensity and persistence of its cocoa taste and for its generous size.

It comes in a transparent pack and contains 6 chocolates (each chocolate weighs about 19/20 g).

€ 6.30

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Category Venchi Chocolate
Region Piedmont
Brand Venchi
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