Grappa Tre Soli Tre 2010 75 cl Berta


Grappa Tre Soli Tre 2010 Berta 8 years old Nebbiolo grappa Grape variety Nebbiolo, Nebbiolo da Barolo, Nebbiolo da Barbaresco Grapes from Selected from the best cellars in the typical areas of production Distillation system Discontinuous with steam-draught copper pots Wooden casks used Various Wood toasting Various Colour Amber Olfactory sensation Rounded, with a great personality. Wonderful concert of different sensations in which come out the ripe fruit, black ribes, apricot, marasca cherry, cacao and vanilla Taste sensation Full impact right from the first sip, it reflects the sincerity of the greatest grape of Piemonte Note Here the sensations to be in the Nebbiolo vineyard come straight on your nose. It smells Piemonte from every single corner Capacity of bottle cl. 70 Alcohol 45% vol.
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Category Grappa
Brand Berta
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